Washington ECSTATIC To Hear The News Of Melania And Barron’s Big Change

Melania and Barron Trump’s living situation has been a hot topic in the media ever since the two decided to stay behind in NYC while Donald moved to Washington.

From the start, Melania told the press that her and 11-year-old Barron would be joining the President in D.C. once the school year was out at his Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. Yet, rumors of a disconnect between the President and his wife have flooded the airwaves and made some liberal instigators speculate that the First Lady wouldn’t be making the trip.

Fortunately, the increase in appearances of the First Lady and the amazing spring celebrations at the White House have helped to silence the rumors. But Trump fans are celebrating after Fox News looked into the history of the White House transition and confirmed that Melania’s decision to wait was the best one.

Andrew Och, a White House historian and author known as The First Ladies’ Man told Fox that “The fact she was protecting (Barron) before this, by letting him finish out his school year, is not unprecedented.” Furthermore, Anita Mcbride who served as Chief of Staff for Laura Bush noted that Michelle Obama “fully considered not moving to the White House” given the ages of her two daughters in 2008. Though Melania and Michelle are quite different, it should be easy for parents to understand why the two moms made a choice to put their children first and Washington second.

Melania and Barron have made significant efforts in recent weeks to make trips down to D.C. Their latest trek to the White House was for the 139th Easter Egg Roll which takes place on the South Lawn each spring and is hosted by the First Lady. All the Trumps including Donald Jr. and his family came out to help celebrate with 21,000 attendees. Laura Trump, Eric’s Wife, was also spotted on the grounds showing a little baby bump from their very first child to be born in September.

According to Trump insiders, Donald’s youngest son has been waiting in anticipation for the move. He’s been eagerly asking if his friends can visit and innocently said to his mom, “I hope there are bedrooms for my friends to come visit.”

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