He's Fired! Pence Says Trump 'Made The Right Decision At The Right Time'

President Donald Trump recently stunned Washington when he sent an armed guard to the FBI headquarters with a termination letter for Director James Comey.

While some are panicking over the decision, VP Mike Pence is backing Donald saying that he “made the right decision at the right time.”

“Director Comey had lost the confidence of the American people,” continued Pence. “It was time for a fresh start at the FBI,” he added. Pence's name has been tossed around a number of times as a victim in the Russian investigation. He was directly tied to the case after Michael Flynn neglected to inform Pence about his connections to Russia prior to the campaign.

"He [Comey] was not doing a good job,” said Trump to a group of photographers this week. Anti-Trumpers are jumping to absurd conclusions claiming that the President fired Comey because he was poking around where he wasn't welcome.

A report from NPR titled Suspicious Timing And Convenient Reasoning For Trump's Firing Of Comey suggested five reasons he was fired, all of which make Trump out to be a shady character. In short, liberals are hinting that that Comey's DNC hack investigation was about to reveal significant ties between Russia and the Trump administration. Some outfits are even comparing the event to the famous Watergate Scandal!

This is NOT Watergate or anything resembling a scandal. If a scandal existed wouldn't we know about it by now?

The truth about Michael Flynn's connection with Russia has long been outed and Trump handled it by firing him. It's been months since Flynn's investigation started. If the FBI had a single shred of evidence against Donald it would have hit CNN in seconds! Half of Washington is out to get Trump and they all are coming ZERO cases against the president.

The exit of Comey isn't going to end the FBI's investigation into the DNC hack and Trump's involvement. There are still dozens of investigators continuing to work each and every day; a lot of whom are Trump haters. Even if the President had something to hide, the dismissal of one man wouldn't change a thing. In reality, Trump felt that Comey wasn't getting the job done right so he let him go. It's clear and simple.

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