Joe Biden Won’t Stop Insulting Trump In This Disrespectful Interview

Since his party lost the White House to Donald Trump, vice President Joe Biden has thrown away all respect for his peers and public office.

Weeks ago he threatened to fight Trump in the back of a high school and now he’s saying Donald should “grow up.”

Biden lived up to his erratic personality during a PBS interview when he was asked about Trump’s tweets concerning Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“Time to be an adult,” Biden said. “It’s going to be much clearer what he’s [Trump] for and against, and what we’re for and against, now that it’s going to get down to actually discussing in detail these issues that affect people’s lives,” he continued.

The Trump Train didn’t hesitate to respond to the absurd comments made by the VP. New York Republican Rep. Chris Collins, a member of Donald’s transition team, called Joe’s interview “pathetic” and emphasized that his actions were “beneath the office of the Vice President.”

Biden also said that it is “dangerous” for Trump to question the nation’s intelligence community. He can throw around insults and point fingers. But, at the end of the day Biden is leaving and Trump is heading to the West Wing. Democrats never bashed Obama when he questioned officials. Instead, they’d praise him for being forethought and progressive. Big Joe is sour over his loss and jealous that he didn’t step up to the podium when his party wanted him to run.