He Left In Tears - Fake News Doesn't Want You To See This Side Of Trump

President Trump and VP Mike Pence recently spoke with the families of fallen police officers and no one in the media seemed to care. Fake news outlets and liberals are too caught up in the Russia debacle to notice these moments when Donald truly embodies the American spirit.

The event was held in D.C. where Trump made a powerful speech for National Peace Officers’ Memorial Day. The guest list included Elijah and Gianna Lucas; the children of fallen Police Officer Sgt. Rod Lucas of the Fresno Country Sheriff's Department.

President Trump Lucas Children
Fresno County Sheriff's Department

Both Trump and Mike Pence were able to meet briefly with the Lucas family. Despite being what Trump called a "solemn occasion," Elijah and Gianna were smiling big and bright on that day. Lucas was one of the 118 officers who died in the line of duty this past year. The 20-year-veteran was tragically shot in the chest during a firearms demonstration.

Our government certainly has enormously large tasks to tackle each day. However, it's crucial for our leaders to take the time to meet with the American people and connect faces to the votes. Trump and Pence understand that citizens are not simply statistics. They've gone out of their way to meet with hundreds of hard working Americans like our troops, officers, and teachers. Sadly, the media tends to brush over these brief but incredibly important moments.

"Words cannot express the depths of our gratitude, but I hope that our actions will show you how deeply we care and how strongly we feel about protecting those who protect us," said Trump to a crowd on the Capitol steps.

"America stands strong with our men and women in blue...Believe me, we stand strong together," he continued.

Melania Trump was absent from the ceremony. But, she did show her support by tweeting a photo of the White White which shined blue in honor of National Peace Officer's Memorial Day.

Melania Trump White House Photo

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