Liberals Offered Repulsive Bribe To 'Punch' Trump Advisor In The Face - Appalling

"Punch Steve Bannon, Get Whiskey Free For Life" is the appalling offer left at the bottom of a receipt printed by a Portland, Oregon bar.

The childish bribe was revealed via Twitter by popular sports radio personality Maury Brown. Following thousands of likes and dislikes, Maury removed the photo from Twitter. You can see the original tweet below provided by Breitbart.

Steve Bannon Portland Bar Receipt

The PayDirt Bar is no stranger to such abrasive antics. Since Trump entered the political world, they've sent out many offensive attacks on social media. Back in 2015, the bar's official twitter account tweeted this gem:

“Tonight’s whiskey pairing: ‘Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation With Your Racist Uncle About Donald Trump’ (a shot of Wild Turkey 101 and a cold tall boy of @olympia_beer) #paydirtbar #pdxdrinks #movingtocanada.”

Conservative media caught on to the senseless anti-Trump acts coming out of the bar and reached out to the owners for a comment. The bar responded quickly saying:

"The text is a series of comments that we leave at the bottom of our receipts. We change the receipts nearly daily and they touch on all sorts of politicians on both sides of the aisle, plus (mostly) our beloved Portland Trail Blazers. We’re surprised as anyone that these images went viral since it’s clearly a joke. We went private on all our accounts since after this happened we were inundated with a series of very serious death threats."

It's no surprise that the bar has been threatened. What did they think was going to happen? Logical minds on both the left and right do not take threats lightly these days. Multiple Trump staffers have openly admitted that the extreme left agenda has become entirely too aggressive. Families are being threatened and judged because of false reporting and unfair allegations. Kellyanne Conway has reported that she's struggling to find schools for her children to attend because of the hatred coming from anti-Trumpers.

A line must be drawn once and for all. Violent threats against Trump or any of his staff need to come to an end. American history has shown that sometimes these threats can turn into tragic real-life attacks on our President.

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