Passenger Removed From Commercial Flight For Attacking Ivanka And Her Family

Ivanka Trump and her family experienced a bumpy start to their vacation when an out of control passenger verbally attacked them on their flight from New York to San Francisco.

JetBlue Airways confirmed that a man was removed from the flight after "jeering" and harassing Ivanka, her husband, three children, and cousins. The passenger's identity has yet to be revealed but witnesses confirmed that he was "shaking" with anger.

"Your father is ruining the country," said the man. He continued to complain that Ivanka and her family should be flying private. One passenger told TMZ that Ivanka tried her best to ignore the man and distract her children.


Ivanka could in fact fly private, however she decided to take her family on a coach flight like an average American. Like many biased liberals, this passenger was quick to judge and ignore that at the end of the day Ivanka is a normal mother, daughter, and business woman.

Other passengers have taken to social media saying that JetBlue did the "right thing" by kicking the man off the plane. Ivanka reportedly told the flight staff that she was happy to let him take his seat, "I don't want to make this a thing," said Ivanka.

One witness said that Ivanka "handled the situation calmly and with class." Although the man was removed from the flight, Secret Service escorted Ivanka and her family from the tarmac once they landed.