She Dressed The Part! Experts Say Melania Trump’s Easter Look Defined CLASSY

She’s barely moved into Washington and the First Lady has already found a place in history as the best dressed First Lady! This weekend Melania Trump won over fashion experts and Washington regulars with her flawless pink dress by Hervé Pierre.

Melania stepped out in front of thousands of families on the White House South Lawn looking the part of a classy First Lady straight from the days of Jackie O. or Nancy Reagan. Her husband and son stood beside her as she launched the first Easter Egg Roll hosted during the Trump administration.

The First Lady’s fashion choices may not be the focus of a cabinet meeting or a hearing on the hill, but for many Americans the look of the White House is crucial to its success. Millions of Americans are praising Melania AND Ivanka for ensuring their looks represent a time when the nation was united and looking towards a better future.

In recent years, the event held a very relaxed look with Hillary Clinton sporting a pantsuit and President Obama wearing a jacket with no tie. To no one’s surprise, the Trump family changed up the day to reflect their own style, a style of elegance. Melania’s grace and throwback looks are helping to continue Trump’s campaign message that his administration will “Make America Great Again.”

The New York Times dubbed her wardrobe as part of a “In The White House” collection with “perfect camera-ready” dresses and gowns. People love to suggest that she’s too high-fashioned for today’s carefree millennial styling. However, young icons like Kate Middleton have championed tradition and won over people of all ages. There’s no shame in looking wanting to be classy and using your wardrobe to help yourself dress the part!

Earlier that weekend, the First Lady also wore a fantastic and simple dress by Simone Rocha. She sported the white dress on Easter Sunday during a Florida celebration hosted at the family’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach.

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