Ivanka's Day Took A Turn When This Little Trump Took A Big Step In A New Direction

Ivanka Trump's youngest son took his first steps, and millions of Americans were there to witness his life changing moment!

The First Daughter was able to capture little Theo's giant steps on camera and share them with her 3.7 million followers on Twitter. Almost instantly, the youngest Trump received thousands of cheers from other proud moms around the nation.


Theo is the youngest of the Trump-Kushner clan. He was born during the height of the presidential election in March of 2016. Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have two other children, Arabella age 6, and Joseph age 4.

The video shows Ivanka cheering on her little guy saying, 'Walk to mommy...Come on...come on.'

Of course, like most toddlers, Theo needed some motivation to take the giant leap. His yellow-bunny toy seemed to be the perfect catalyst to keep him distracted as he gained the courage to take a step, then another, and another!

Naturally, Theo took his steps then took a bit of a fall. Not to worry, before we know it, Ivanka will be sending videos of Theo running around the house with his big brother and sister.

His first steps certainly came at a quintennial time for the Trump family. After being knocked down by a barrage of negative headlines, the President and his staff have gotten back up and are working hard to put the Russian investigations behind them.

Ivanka captured the moment in the living room of their Washington D.C. home. The family moved from their penthouse in NYC recently to be close to the White House. Currently, both Ivanka and Jared are juggling family life while serving as the President's top aides. They are set to follow Trump around the globe over the next few months. Their first stop is in the Middle-East where Jared is tasked with the mission to end the violence that has plagued the area for generations.

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