Ivanka Is Packing Up The Family And Following Grandpop To Washington!

Melania and Barron are waiting out the school year in NYC, but CNN has learned that Ivanka and her family are following Trump to D.C.

Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are house hunting in Washington with their three children. The move is an expected maneuver for the family given Jared’s new role as advisor to the President-elect.

It’s not clear what Kushner’s exact role will be in the administration, however, he has been a leading member of the transition team since Donald was elected. His presence first made headlines when he was seen strolling on White House grounds with Obama’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough.

However, his influence didn’t raise significant questions until it was rumored that he took part in the removal of Chris Christie’s staff. The New Jersey politician had been one of the loudest voices cheering for Trump in the election and he was expected to be a part of Donald’s cabinet. Kushner and Christie denied rumors that they were butting heads over Christie’s “BridgeGate” legal battles in New Jersey.

Christie still may have a chance to join Trump in the White House, but it doesn’t look like he’ll make the cut for the cabinet.

Jared is not the only one who is making career changes for the Washington move. Ivanka’s popularity has grown substantially since her incredible speech at the RNC. Both her and her father have kept her role secret over the past few weeks and stated that she’ll likely run the family business while Trump serves in office. Still, many people believe that she will eventually become an advisor during the administrations first few years.

Donald has scheduled a press conference later in the month to address his plans for the Trump Corporation.

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