Electoral College Silences Democrats And Settles Trump’s VICTORY

For months, Donald Trump has been the official President-Elect for the majority of the nation. However, small groups of liberal protestors have hung onto the possibility that votes could be swayed in the Electoral College.

Fortunately, the Electoral College silenced these protestors by officially making Trump the next President with 270 votes.

Hillary Clinton trailed behind Trump with only 166 votes.Donald’s immense lead was set long before the Electoral College began finalizing votes. Clearly, the left was delusional during their quest to re-take the election. Despite efforts to change electors minds, few votes were effected by protestors screaming “vote your conscience” in swing states like Pennsylvania. One elector in Maine swapped his Clinton vote for a Bernie Sanders vote that was ruled improper.

Weeks before the vote numerous Electoral College members were harassed by liberal campaigns that sent aggressive emails and death threats in honor of Clinton. Hollywood celebrities like Martin Sheen joined in on the unwarranted efforts by trying to sway electors calling for them to be “heroes” against Trump.

Vice President Joe Biden will formally announce Trump’s Electoral College victory before congress. Biden has unleashed numerous attacks against Donald during and after the election. But, his time in Washington is over and he’ll have to join Obama when Donald is welcomed into the White House. His congress is run by Republicans who have waited years to see their departure. Now, Mike Pence will take Biden’s spot and help Donald work with Congress to create real change in this nation that so desperately needs a revolution!

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