Trump Proves He’s Got Washington’s Support By Changing Congress In 24Hrs!

Donald Trump isn’t the first politician to raise some eyebrows with a twitter account. But he’s certainly the very first President to change congress with a single tweet.

After Donald showed concerns about weakening the Office of Congressional Ethics, House Republicans changed their plans within 24hrs of their session.

The 115th Congress was set to be sworn in with a goal to reform the Ethics committee that Trump dubbed “unfair.” But, when his tweet was sent out into the world Congress showed their support for Donald by taking his opinion into account. They withdrew the proposed changes for the OCE and extended their deadline to August.

This instance is arguably the first and most important joint effort between Donald Trump and Washington to prioritize issues in order to “Make America Great Again.” Re. Charlie Dent told reporters that his tweet was discussed in a closed meeting in the Capitol basement between members of the House GOP leadership.

Naturally, Democrats expressed their disagreement with the quick decision. Minority Leader and Democrat, Nancy Pelosi childishly pointed fingers at Republicans saying they’re continuing their scheme to do “lasting damage” to hard-working families.

Donald was not slamming the OCE as an unimportant division. He was simply stating that there are more crucial issues to be worrying about in 2017. Voters elected Trump because he wants to make change fast. Working families don’t have time for Washington bureaucracy and neither does Trump. He’ll help change the OCE in time, but FIRST Donald is going to save the economy!