Donald Trump Reveals Why ‘No Computer Is Safe’

Donald Trump’s favorite tool for communication is his infamous twitter account. But, despite his passion for social media, the President still recognizes the apparent dangers of using the internet.

During a brief interview, Trump elaborated on his suspicions of internet security by warning the public that “no computer is safe.”

“It’s very important. If you have something really important, write it out and have it delivered by courier, the old-fashioned way. Because I’ll tell you what, no computer is safe. I don’t care what they say — no computer is safe,” said Trump.

Donald’s warning came after reporters asked him about Obama’s notion that Russia was behind the DNC hack. Although he doesn’t believe Putin was behind the attack, Donald acknowledges that rogue criminals could target officials and average Americans. He previously stated that the real culprit behind the DNC fiasco was probably a random person “sitting on their couch.”

“I have a boy who’s 10 years old. He can do anything with a computer. You want something to really go without detection, write it out and have it sent by courier,” continued Trump.

President Obama has already expelled 35 Russian diplomats and closed down two locations that were used for intelligence briefings. So far, Russian leader Vladimir Putin has yet to comment on Obama’s actions.

Donald and his team have expressed strong hesitation in perusing Russian officials. He’s stated that he wants the U.S. intelligence committee to be completely accurate before they seek retribution. Furthermore, Trump cited Bush’s 2003 war with Iraq as a reason to be cautious.

“I just want them to be sure because it’s a pretty serious charge…If you look at the weapons of mass destruction, that was a disaster, and they were wrong.”

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