Obama Hands Over The White House To PRESIDENT Trump In This Historic Meeting

President-elect Donald Trump flew from New York to Washington on Thursday to meet with President Obama in the oval office.

The surreal moment was monumental for the millions of Trump fans who undertook bouts of discrimination for their belief in Donald’s eventual victory.

Just three days prior to the general election, President Obama mocked Trump in the media and assured the world that Donald would never win. Fortunately, Barrack shockingly hid his discretions and remained professional during the traditional meeting between the outgoing and ingoing presidents.

Thus far, Obama has kept to his promise of ensuring a “smooth transition,” a promise that has been inherently hard for most republicans to digest. Perhaps the loss of the White House has briefly humbled Obama and showed him that it truly is time for change in this country and now it’s Trump’s turn.

“Mr. President, it was a great honor being with you and I look forward to being with you many, many more times,” Donald said during the meeting. Later, he told reporters that Obama was a “very good man” and hopes to seek his “counsel” in the future.

The minute lasted 90-minutes and Donald said that he could have lasted much longer. Clearly, Mr. Trump is ready to spend as much time in the White House as possible.

It should be apparent by now that Mr. Trump knows how to interact with anyone from average Americans to top CEO’s and world leaders. He has one of the most successful businesses in the world making him one of the most successful men in history. A meeting with the President is merely one part of his busy day. There’s no doubt that Donald can handle similar meetings in the future and ensure that America is taken care of by a professional and honorable man.