Donald And Melania Trump Living In Separate Bedrooms? FLOTUS Responds To The Rumor

Gossip columns took a break from bashing celebrities this week to spread rumors that Melania and Donald Trump are sleeping in separate beds because of marital issues.

The separate beds rumor was launched by UsWeekly who claimed to have spoken with a 'Trump insider' who says Melania is 'miserable' and refuses to sleep in the same bed as her husband. A spokesperson for FLOTUS recently denied the rumor saying, “It’s unfortunate that you are going to feature unnamed ‘sources’ that have provided fictional accounts.”

Unfortunately, tabloids have held onto the quotes for days and forced the First Family's personal lives into the spotlight. Karen LeFrak, a close friend of Melania Trump, has gone on record with the Washington Post to shut down the rumors.

“Mrs. Trump is enjoying her life and new role,” said Karen, adding that “[she and Donald] are very happy! Their relationship is great.”

“All these rabid rumors about her and their relationship are laughable and fictional,” Karen continued.
When will the media realize that the First Family is off limits? Karen shouldn't have to come to Melania's defence. Instead, this news should have been labeled 'fake' and forgotten about within hours of being released.
There's no denying that they have gone too far this time. Where were the rumor machines in past administrations? The Obama family were rarely attacked in the tabloids and even Bill Clinton's affairs were swept under the rug. But, because Trump is a conservative outsider he is continually attack from all angles. First they came after his innocent 10-year-old-son Barron. Now, they've completely disrespected his privacy by discussing his marriage.
The gossip is rooted in Melania's decision to stay in NYC until Barron Trump finishes school. FLOTUS has said repeatedly that this is the main reason for her late move to D.C. Once she arrives she's expected to launch her political career concentrating on anti-bullying campaigns.
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