The Truth Is Out - Comey's Memo Is A 'Disgusting' Product Of DC 'Swamp Rats'

According to South Carolina Tea Party leader Joe Dugan, the media is launching "an all-out assault on our Republic” with the Democratic Party calling the shots.

Dugan's frustration is shared by millions of other Trump supporters who have watched the recent Comey investigation skew Trump's reputation. Long-time Montana Trump supporter Eric Olsen told Breitbart News that the liberal press and "D.C. swamp rats are working overtime to tarnish this great man [Trump]."

Comey's controversial memo claims that the President told him to end the investigation of Michael Flynn because he is a "good guy." Of course, Liberals are comparing the events to Watergate and calling for Trump to be impeached. Meanwhile, more level-headed officials are putting their faith in the President!

Washington needs to put partisanship aside and look at the facts. Comey did not come out with this memo until well after he was fired. If the interaction between he and the President was comparable to the Watergate scandal, then how come Comey didn't come forward sooner? He didn't report the conversation, abandon the investigation, or resign. He did nothing! In the end, Comey didn't do anything because his case against Donald was fabricated.

In fact, Comey has already denied any coercion from Trump. Jack Posobiec, Washington Bureau Chief for The recently showed that Comey contradicted his memo while under oath!

During a recorded Senate hearing, Sen. Mazie Hirono asked Comey if the Attorney General or any Department Of Justice officials have asked him to "halt the FBI investigation."

“It’s not happened in my experience,” Comey responded. What more could the media ask for? Furthermore, the acting FBI Director and Democrat Andrew G. McCabe told the Senate, “There has been no effort to impede our investigation to date.”

The media is blowing the memo completely out of proportion. There's a clear distinction between a memo and a statement made under oath. Comey is being directed by liberals to try absolutely anything that will help fuel the media and hurt Trump's reputation. He needs to go under oath again and tell the truth. Some scratches in a notepad will not provide enough evidence to take our innocent President down!