Donald Surprises His Washington Peers With This SELFLESS Act!

President-elect Donald Trump told 60 Minutes that he will accept just $1 dollar a year while he serves in the White House.

“I think I have to by law take $1, so I’ll take $1 a year. I don’t even know what is is. Do you know what the salary is?”

60 Minute host Lesley Stahl told Donald that he would be missing out on the average $400,000 salary. But, Trump didn’t budge; he’s not accepting it. This isn’t the first time Trump has shown an interest in cutting the costs of the office. He’s also stated that he won’t be building a new Air Force One, which could cost taxpayers roughly $4 billion to construct and maintain.

He’s also hoping to cut costs by using some of his own properties during his administration. Melania and Barron are staying at their New York City home until the school year is out. Some liberal outfits have shown discontent for the maneuver saying that their presence would hike traffic and potential boost taxes. However, it’s likely that Donald will negotiate security terms without affecting his New York neighbors. He’s also expressed an interest in using his privately secured home in Palm Beach, Florida.

Donald has not specified what will happen to the $400,000 salary that is set-aside for the President. Former Presidents who did similar acts, like John F. Kennedy, gave the salary to charities. It’s likely that Trump will do the same or return it to the Treasury Department.

Compared to Obama, Trump certainly looks like a selfless politician. After entering office, Barack announced that he had just finished paying off his student loans and would agree to return just 5% of the salary.

Fortunately, Donald is a new kind of president who has proved his worth in the private sector and is able to make significant deals to save money!