Donald Slams Obama’s White House By Calling This Biased Staffer ‘A FOOLISH Guy’

The Trump Transition team and Obama’s administration have been trading blows since Donald first stepped foot on White House grounds.

Barrack has shied away from commenting about his attack dogs but Mr. Trump hasn’t hidden his frustration with Obama’s team.

Donald recently called Josh Earnest, the White House Press Secretary, “a foolish guy” and said that he fails to deliver a solid message to the nation. “He can deliver a positive message and it sounds bad,” said Donald.

Naturally, the liberal media have sided with Earnest and neglected to recognize why Trump was prompted to lash out. Earnest threw the first punch when he accused Donald of knowing about the Russian attacks during the campaign. He repeatedly suggested that Trump not only knew about the attacks but also refused to take the threat seriously.

Earnest has clearly jumped on the Trump hating bandwagon that is obsessed with creating a fake relationship between the President-Elect and Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“There’s only been one person who’s tried to joke about this. Unfortunately, that person is the president-elect of the United States. This is an extraordinarily serious matter,” said Earnest.

Earnest falls into the same pool of reporters that are helping spread the “fake news” epidemic that has tragically taken over the election. During Trump’s recent ‘Thank You’ rally he confronted reporters in the back of the room saying, “There goes the fake news.”

Instead of attacking Trump, Obama’s team should recognize that they too are subjected to constant fake news reporters. The issue can only be stopped by spreading awareness and educating voters so they know what is true and what is false.