Donald Promises To Free Americans From Obamacare’s Expensive Hold

Healthcare premiums under Obamacare are set to skyrocket in almost every state in America leading to panic and massive financial blows for voters.

Even former President Bill Clinton said that the Obamacare system is broken. How can Hillary support its expensive premiums when her husband disagrees with the process?

The news of the premium spike has triggered a much-needed promise from the Trump administration. Donald has detailed how he will ask congress to convene a ‘special session’ charged with the responsibility of replacing the failing system. Thus far, the premiums are predicted to go up an average 25%. Taking down the process may not be an easy task in Washington. However, it’s understood that Trump will have support from both sides of the race, which could help unite the country and save our nation’s medical system.

Donald described the health care program as an utter “catastrophe.” Mike Pence also joined in on the discussion in saying it was a “debacle.” Both politicians pointed out the many lies in Obamacare. Most importantly, Donald noted the misconception that voters were able to keep their doctors. When Trump addressed Obama’s delusion the crowd shouted back “lie.”

Trump knows that families are struggling to pay their bills and afford their medicines. It’s no longer a concern for older generations in today’s market. Donald made a point to acknowledge that it is “particularly unfair to millennials” that will be “crushed” before they even begin their road to life.

For the sake of our nation’s future, Mr. Trump needs to win and ensure that we do not ‘destroy American healthcare forever.’