Conway FINALLY Reveals Which Trump Family Members Will Join Donald’s Administration

For months, the world has wondered if Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared would be able to follow Donald to the White House without having conflicts of interest.

Trump’s top advisor and former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway finally shutdown rumors telling MSNBC that it would be a “fair assessment” to say Ivanka and Jared will join the administration.

“I love them both. The entire Trump family is unbelievable, except when I stand with all the Trump women somewhere and I feel like Cinderalla before the ball” joked Conway on Morning Joe.

Her comments weren’t shocking for most true Trump fans, however liberal instigators are still stunned by the idea of Donald’s family joining him. They’ve complained for months that their inexperience in the political world makes them unqualified. Yet, they ignore that countless politicians come from the private sector, including their new President, Mr. Trump!

Similar to Trump, Ivanka and Jared have already separated themselves from their positions in the private sector to illuminate any kind of issues. Donald Jr. and Eric Trump have taken over the family business and Conway promises that Ivanka’s place in the White House will not hurt the business.

“There will be a complete distinction and separation, no ambiguity, about business holdings.”

Conway’s confirmation can put an end to the endless rumors about Ivanka being shutout by bureaucratic rules. President John F. Kennedy appointed his brother to office. Furthermore, George Bush worked closely with his father and brother while in office. Liberals are only attacking Ivanka because she’s an outsider. Fortunately, within a few months she will be able to help her father shut out instigators who are against change!