BREAKING: Barron Trump's Future Riding On $38,000 - What's Going Through The First Son's Mind

The search is officially over! Barron Trump has been accepted to a prestigious private school in Maryland where he will launch into the First Kid lifestyle.

Barron will start at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Md. in the fall after he and Melania officially move into the White House. The school's tuition is a whopping $38,000 a year and prides itself on preparing students for an Ivy League future.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Both Melania and President Trump have done an incredible job of keeping their young 11-yr-old son out of the D.C. world until the timing was just right. Most Americans have supported their decision to hold off his Washington move until he was able to finish the school year and get used to the transition.

In recent months, the First Son has made a number of long trips to see his father and explore his new home. According to Trump insiders, Barron has been waiting in anticipation for the move. He’s been eagerly asking if his friends can visit and innocently said to his mom, “I hope there are bedrooms for my friends to come visit.”

So far, more than just a few friends have visited. Barron brought his current NYC classmates to D.C. for a White House tour. All 80 students got dressed up and headed to the Nation's Capital where they had lunch, toured the Oval Office, and met the President!

'Barron was really sweet. He was so excited to show his classmates around the White House,' a source told the Washington Post.

But, soon America's most popular 11-yr-old won't be surrounded by 80 students. His new Maryland school is much smaller with roughly 13 students in each class. According to it's website it only has about 580 students from pre-k to 12th grade.

Melania Trump released a statement about the school saying it is “known for its diverse community and commitment to academic excellence.”

Choosing a school for a child with such a high-profile is never easy. Even Kellyanne Conway is having trouble finding a safe school for eldest twins. Barron will be the first presidential child to attend St. Andrew's. The school released a statement to parents ensuring that their excited to welcome Barron and are making proper arrangements.

"School leaders are working directly with the Secret Service to ensure that ... logistics and security will continue to work smoothly and discreetly next year for all of our students and families," the letter read.

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